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Welcome to the Order of the Ioncross

Order of the IonCrossThe Order of the Ioncross is a World of Warcraft Horde Guild on the US Skywall server.  We blend a social guild with raiding and high-end gameplay.  Our members range in age from late teens to mid fifties and while talent and skills are important,  member maturity and social skills are also required.  If you are interested in joining us, please review the Guild Charter posted in the General Forum.  If you share those goals and priorities, you will probably be a good fit with us.  Click on New User on the bar above to submit an application.  If you are a little confused about the application, refer to the Application Process post in the General forum. 

The Ioncross Gaming Community covers a variety of other games including Ioncross Total War (a Freelancer mod), Eve On-line, Team Fortress 2 and Guild Wars.  The community is available at

OIC - It's not just about the high score.  People mean more than the game.

OK, for real this time!!

Other Guild News

Patch 6.02

TonyMcS, Oct 16, 14 5:40 AM.

The patch has arrived and a lot has changed.  Check out the new changes at



TonyMcS, Sep 19, 13 8:45 PM.
There's been some confusion about those chests on the timeless Isle. 

There are only 6 weekly chests, while all the rest are once only.  Only the one in the west courtyard of the Ordos sanctuary contains a guaranteed Burden of Eternity and that only occurs once.  All the other chests are unique to your character and only occur once,

Here's a map

The numbers refer to a chest tier and you can view the whole article at .  Note that only the W chests are weekly and number 7 is the guaranteed Burden of Eternity. 

The jumping chest, rope chest and mist chest (where you launch from a spear near the last bridge, must be done in order for the others to appear.

Been away for a while?

TonyMcS, Sep 12, 13 5:38 AM.
If you left at level 90 or are coming from 85 or lower, you have good news.  You can forget dailies and reputation grinds and just gear up as best you can and get to the Timeless Isle once you hit 90.  The new patterns are allowing for 476 blue PvP gear and they should be cheap on the auction (PvP gear is now just as effective as PvE gear for PvE).

You can visit Chromie at the central temple and get a ride to the Isle.

A lot of things on the island drop 496 gear tokens which are account bound and can be sent to alts if they're the wrong armor type.  You just use these tokens to create an item suitable for your current spec selection.  Accumulate 50k Timeless Coins and you can upgrade a token to 535 before using it.  Timeless coins come from just about everything from lore quests and NPC, elite and rare combat fights and gathering professions, so it will take only a few days.

You'll pick up tokens from chests and rares and the Celestial world bosses fight as well as some other epic gear and should be able to get to the 496 iLvL required by the new LFR.  Running the old LFR's will also be useful for a few gear holes and valor can be spent on the Shadow Pan assault rep you get in the Throne of Thunder raids and valor can also be spent on upgrading gear.  You  will also get Sigil drops if you want to begin the legendary cloak quest (see Wrathion in Tavern in the Mists)

On the Isle, watch for silver arrows or skulls on your map to indicate a rare fight occurring and if you get a chance to participate in the world boss celestial battles do so.  There'll usually be a group formed and the kills provide a loot chance once a week.  Rare fights don't really require you to form a group as announcing the spawn in chat will have plenty of players turn up.

There's also various other events like the pirate ghost ship and a whale that circles the island.  Just turn up and contribute at these events for a good chance at loot.

For those who like Pet Battles, the Celestial Tournament will also award coins, but requires a stable of around 30 pets to complete as you can't heal your pets between battles with the masters and then the legendary pets.

Hope to see you on the Isle.
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